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We always await questions!
We believe it is useful to briefly respond the most frequent of them, as follows:
What does restoration mean?
Professional restoration means bringing your car to its original condition, following the correct technical characteristics of the respective period.
How long does it take and how much does it cost?
Duration of restoration and its cost depend on many factors, but the most important are: the technical condition of the vehicle, the degree of originality, number of cars produced. Depending on available funding, a project can last from 3 months to 24 months. Usually, the average time of a vehicle restoration in acceptable condition is 8-12 months. Restoration services and related materials are paid monthly, according to the agreed contract.
A restored car has a warranty?
Yes, any fully or partially restored car benefits of the Oldtimer Studio warranty program.
What are the levels of restoration? How are they different?
Levels of restoration:
Show driver
Daily driver
Where do you procure parts from?
Replacement parts can be purchased both by your and/or our experts. Do not make purchases of parts without prior alignment with our expert.
What maintenance costs involves having a classical car?
A classical car, restored or preserved correctly, in our experience, has average operating costs at the level of a modern one. The difference lies in fuel consumption (slightly higher in most cases) and the resulting cost of parking in a garage that is secured and properly ventilated.

When and how to use a classical car? It is hard to drive?
A classical car can be used at any time. We invite you to participate at events organized by Retromobil Club Roman or any other national FIVA authority or car club. You will certainly feel better among friends sharing the same passion.
What is over-restoration?
A car has been overly restored when original elements are replaced with modern ones or the restoration deviates significantly from the original technical solution of the manufacturer.

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