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It is known that restoration operations need specific skills. Or experience together with visits to fairs, museums and similar foreign businesses brought us the necessary information and allowed us to bring to the surface crafts and working methods long forgotten.


The techniques that we use have been widely studied and improved.   One of the most difficult steps taken by our company has been selecting and training company personnel. It consists of more than 50 people, each with an extensive experience in its field. The team comprises of engineers, welders, painters, electricians, upholsterers, mechanics, carpenters, and blasting operators.


Restorations are carried out in our workshop, which ensures a constant level of quality control. It should be noted that although Oldtimer Studio restores cars produced decades ago, the used tools and devices are cutting edge. From this point of view, the company can compete with any similar workshop in the world.


Are you an enthusiast of classical cars with a qualification in one of the areas below? Do you want to work in an elite team which permanently faces professional challenges?

We invite you to join Team Oldtimer Studio.


Areas of interest: car electricity, car upholstery, body repair, fine mechanics, mechanical engineering

Send a message to OFFICE@OLDTIMER.RO and we will contact you for an interview.

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